At STRCNG., we realize that a strong, cooperative relationship between athlete and coach is imperative to success. This is why we take the time to get to know you. We first learn your fitness background through our comprehensive Athlete Profile. Through periodic check-ins and stat tracking we develop knowledge of your physiology based on your response to diet and training variables. We form a relationship with you via ongoing, unlimited email conversation.


we offer...



Individualization. We believe personalized programs are key to efficient progress over the long term. No matter how sophisticated a training program is, if it is used out of context, it will yield mediocre results at best and risk injury at worst. Our programs will be tailored to your specific goals, weak points and preferences. Progression. Whether your goal is to gain strength, muscle mass, endurance, or some combination – program structure and periodization ensures that plateaus are avoided and progress is optimized. Periodization. Exercise science tells us that periodized programs outperform non-periodized ones and that focusing on developing one adaptation at a time is better than striving for many at once. STRCNG. training programs are structured in blocks, each with a primary focus. From the outset, we design a long-term plan so that every training block fits in purposefully with the overarching goal. 


 Tracking. It is important to pay attention to both quality and quantity when it comes to nutrition. We teach you how to track macronutrients and provide you with detailed guidelines for making smart food choices. With weekly email consultations and adjustments, goals are reached smoothly and success is maintained over the long-term. Flexible dieting. Dietary variety is critical to staying motivated so we allow all our athletes to enjoy a diverse selection of foods without hindering progress. Guided nutrition. Nutrition coaching is much more than a set of target macronutrients. Our STRCNG. Nutrition Handbook provides a detailed outline of up-to-date nutrition recommendations including guidance on food sources, meal timing, meal frequency, specific micronutrient requirements, and guidelines for water and sodium intake. 


Mechanics. Learning how to use your body in a safe and efficient manner is critical for ensuring longevity and long-term progress. We offer free video analysis and feedback for the squat, bench press and deadlift to all clients to ensure that the best form for each athlete is being used on the main compound lifts. Coaching cues. Every prescribed exercise in a STRCNG program is accompanied by a short note explaining proper technique or movement execution. The purpose of adding these notes is to mimic having your coach in the gym with you, providing you with cues throughout the training session. Novelty. Running the same routine for months on end can become boring and stagnant. When we introduce new exercises we always include links to videos or articles outlining the proper form. 


Posing. If you are unable to display your physique in a way that accentuates your strong points, a lot of your hard work may be going unnoticed. We offer free posing instruction through email feedback and optional skype sessions to all our contest prep clients. 

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